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Club Workday...volunteers needed!!!

FRGC work weekend: June 27 and finish June 28 if needed, 9am to 3pm, lunch and beverages provided. RSVP to Joe Jackson, Buildings and Grounds Chairman, by email so we have an accurate count for food and beverage purchase: parafrog75@gmail.com

All ranges and skeet & trap fields will be closed during work. If you show up to fish, we’ll put you to work😊

In addition to general grounds clean-up, we’ll be rolling & brush painting the exterior of the clubhouse, spray painting the board-on-board skeet house fence extensions and potentially spray painting the metal clay target shed. See the list of needed tools & equipment to bring. Let Joe know what you can bring so we don’t excessively duplicate or not have enough. Bring work gloves and your own PPE mask.


Extendable paint pole

Roller handle

Paint brush, 3-4 inch

Weed eater


Tree trimming saw


Sledge hammer

Regular hammer

Pry bar

Crow bar

Cordless drill, drill bits & driver bits

Hammer drill w/masonry bits up to ¾”

Push broom

Gas blower w/gas

Vibratory sander

Post hole digger

Tamper – iron rod

Chop saw (big enough to cut 4X4 posts)

On a later date, we’ll need volunteers to install man doors and a French door in the clubhouse, and then wrapping the exterior woodwork, door and window trim. Please let Joe know if you can volunteer for this as well as your experience level with this kind of work and any specialty equipment that you may be able to bring.


RAIN DATE: JULY 11 & 12.

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