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Potential new members must be sponsored by an existing member before an application will be issued. Following a background investigation, potential members will then be placed on a waiting list until an opening becomes available. At the time an opening becomes available the potential new member is  presented by sponsoring member to the Board of Directors and the Board votes to either accept or deny membership. 


As of 06/20/2022 we have filled our waiting list to capacity. No new applications will be taken until further action by the Board of Directors is taken. Again our waiting list is CURRENTLY FULL.  The current waiting list should last us several years and looks to have some great potential new members on it. 


If you are on the waiting list now and have any questions or want to just see where you are in line feel free to contact our Membership Chairman,  Doug Belcher at


We thank everyone for their interest in the Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club and hope to see you soon.

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