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Club Rules



(REMINDER: The interior of the clubhouse is a SMOKE FREE area! NO EXCEPTIONS!)

o The Fredericksburg Rod and Gun Club, Inc. is primarily maintained by service contracts. However, you may be asked to volunteer to maintain or improve the club.

o The member must accompany any other family member (spouse & children) or any guests they bring to the club at all times.

o All areas of the club are available for appropriate membership use. However, at times when the club is rented, use by the membership may be restricted as indicated in the rental agreement. The following paragraphs further clarify the appropriate use of club grounds.


o Members may rent the Club and grounds upon request. Rental agreements may be obtained on the web site under the “Rental” tab. Club rental dates are managed by Mr. Taylor Lewis. Use of skeet/trap fields and pistol ranges are normally acceptable unless it interferes with a specific rental agreement. Respect the rights of the member renting the club, as you would want your rights respected if you were the renter. The Club's equipment such as barbecue grills, kitchen facilities, etc., is available for membership use during rentals or for family use. It is your responsibility to clean up after use.


o Absolutely no hunting on Club Property is allowed.

o This Club is for the members. If you see anyone violating any of the rules and responsibilities as set forth in this document, it is your right and obligation to challenge the offender. If the offender is a guest, the sponsoring member shall also be advised. If the challenge is not accepted properly and complied with by the offender/member, it is requested that the Board of Directors be informed so appropriate action can be taken. Please provide the board with date, names, details of the offense, and your action. ANY OFFENSE CONSIDERED A SAFETY VIOLATION WILL BE ACTED ON BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.



o After use of the Clubhouse (unlocking the doors) by a member, it is the responsibility of that member to lock the building when finished. If that member is finished but other members are around, this responsibility may be transferred to a member remaining. Do not assume that the transfer of responsibility is happening. Communicate with the other member(s) so he/she is aware of the responsibility.


o If you use the Clubhouse for any reason (this includes setting up chairs and tables), it is your responsibility to put things back when your activity is completed. The Club equipment such as barbecue grills, kitchen facilities, etc. are available for membership use during rentals or for family use.

It is your responsibility to clean up after use.

It is requested that all members support the Club by helping with this effort.o Any organized meeting or gathering must be scheduled in advance with the rental chairman. At no charge, associate members may have up to 25 people and stockholders may have up to 35 people.



The bathrooms are heated during the winter. The doors to both bathrooms must be kept closed at all times to keep the heat in.




o Eye and hearing protection are mandatory and must be worn by everyone on the skeet/trap fields. It is recommended that eye protection be worn even when watching because of deflected pellets and clay target chips, which may project outside the field area.

o Paying for skeet and trap is by the honor system. The record book is kept in the Clubhouse. It contains a sheet for you to record your name, date, number of rounds shot, and total cost for tracking purposes. It is requested that you pay your bill by the end of each quarter or when the total reaches $100.00. You may deposit your check and sheet covering the period in the black money drop box adjacent to the brick fireplace or mail the sheet and check made payable to FR&GCI, P.O. Box 418, Fredericksburg, Va. 22404.


o Any member bringing family or guest(s) to the area of, and/or on the fields, shall be responsible for them, ensuring that they follow any and all rules.

All children, guests and spectators not shooting or being schooled, should be kept behind the rope barrier at all times.


o Skeet and trap are shot with shot sizes of 7 1/2 to 9. Do not shoot any shells with larger shot on any of the skeet or trap fields. If you want to pattern your gun with larger shot, do so on the pistol range. At no time will any shots be fired from any location on the skeet and trap fields other than a shooting station.


o When shooting skeet, no guns shall be loaded until the shooter is standing within the borders of the skeet shooting station. Putting a shell in any part of the gun is considered loading. The loaded gun shall be kept pointed in a safe direction, which will not endanger other shooters or spectators. When not at a shooting station, the shooter shall carry his/her gun unloaded; with the breech open. When a shooter is on a shooting station ready to shoot and a delay occurs (such as equipment breakdown), the gun shall be unloaded and breech remain open. Loading of more than two shells in a gun at one time is not permitted at any time.

o Members are responsible for opening and closing the skeet and trap houses. Members may not give the lock combination to a guest, since this is also the combination to the clubhouse.

o After shooting is completed, you are responsible for removing empty boxes from the houses and grounds, breaking them down, and placing them in the dumpster. Pick up all hulls on the ground and put them in the trash. Do not leave hulls on the ground.

o If there are no targets in the houses, do not remove targets from other houses. Our targets are kept in the metal shed next to the Clubhouse. The door next to the skeet fields is not locked. If you see anyone removing targets from Club property please obtain a name and/or vehicle tag number and notify the skeet Chairman or a Board member immediately.


o The skeet and trap machines are dangerous if misused. Only members are allowed in the skeet houses. If a machine breaks or malfunctions while in use, shut the machine off, release the arm and close the field down as indicated above. Notify the skeet Chairman or put a note on the dry erase board in the Clubhouse. It is important to notify someone, so that any malfunctioning or broken machine(s) may be repaired, thus avoiding any safety threat to other members.




o Two trap fields are co-located on skeet fields 3 and 4. The skeet cord is used for trap, it is kept in low house, and is plugged into the connector adjacent to the skeet plug. Use the skeet cord “doubles" button on the cord for trap.

o Please get trap targets from the metal shed, and not from the skeet houses. All related skeet and safety rules apply to the use of the trap fields.


o Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Keep your finger off of the trigger until the sights are aligned with the target.

o All firearms must be cased, holstered, or have the action open except when on a “hot” firing line.

o No firearms may be handled during a cease-fire period, or when ANYONE is forward of the firing line o No one may proceed down range unless ALL shooters on the 100/200 and 50yard ranges agree to a cease-fire period. The lower 25 yard range, and pistol bays 1 & 2 are independent of the 100/200 and 50 yard ranges. o Safety shall always come first. In any situation where safety is in question, an immediate cease-fire must be called. o Only targets on target stands may be shot. Frangible targets are acceptable, provided the shooter cleans up all of the resulting debris. The Club owned target stand framing must never be shot. o Targets must be placed so that all rounds fired impact the center area of the backstop berm. Firing rounds at the range floor or over the backstop berms is unsafe and against FRGCI policy. o Courtesy toward other shooters must be practiced at all times. Any request for a cease-fire period must be granted in a timely manner. o EVERYONE on the range, shooters and spectators alike, must wear eye and ear protection. o Trash must be placed in containers or dumpster. Leave the range cleaner than you found it.



o The club hosts two to four major skeet shoots each year. These shoots are registered with the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and shooters are required to be members of the NSSA to participate. A pistol match is held the first Sunday of each month.


o Preparation for these events requires a good amount of volunteer work. This work relative to skeet includes grounds, targets, cleaning houses, machines and generally putting the club and its facilities in top order. With the exception of skeet specific items, the pistol matches require the same type of preparation and member support.


o Please contact the appropriate Chairperson or Board member with any questions or concerns that you may have. The current Board of Directors email addresses and phone numbers are listed on the club web site under the Directors tab.

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