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Club Work Days 16 & 17 October...Please RSVP

Greetings fellow FRGC members! It’s time to get a few things completed on the old clubhouse, so we are having a work weekend on October 16 and 17. After last year’s work weekend, you may have noticed additional improvements such as the new concrete patio on the kitchen end of the clubhouse, bathroom electrical motion sensor timer switches, chimney cap, exterior motion sensing lighting, three new doors and a frame hut over the water control system where the deck once was.

This years planned work is being coordinated with the help of fellow club member and general contractor Greg Randall. Our goal is to have 8 to 10 volunteers each day to remove the gutters, installing vinyl soffit, wrapping the exterior wood trim, replacing several pieces of masonite siding, and vinyl siding the gable end of the pavilion if time permits.

We’re planning on an 8am to 3pm day. We’ll have plenty of ice-cold bottle water and lunch will be provided each day.

What to bring: work gloves, hammer, a few step ladders .

Email me at ctl.jr.appraisals@cox.net to sign up and let me know which day you can help. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to work both days.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to seeing you all for some fun and light duty work to make the old place look a bit better.

Taylor Lewis

Building & Grounds Chairman



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