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A Message from the FRGC President

A Message from the FRGC President

It has come to the attention of the BOD that some of the members have been an obstruction to the landscapers in their attempt to cut the grass on club property. If a member is on a range, shotgun or metallic, and the landscape crew shows up to cut that range....the club member(s) must immediately cease fire, unload, and yield their shooting activity until the landscapers finish cutting and vacate that downrange area! This is in the interest of safety, courtesy, and just plain common sense! FRGC contracts and pays the landscape company to do a job during the grass growing season, and they do so professionally, skillfully, and expeditiously. Any FRGC member or their guest, that hampers, delays, admonishes, or does not yield their shooting activities immediately to the landscape operations, while on the shotgun or metallic ranges, will be brought before the BOD for disciplinary action. Thanks, Gene Sullivan, FRGC President

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