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2023 Mandatory Safety Brief Dates and Information

Greetings Fredericksburg Rod and Gun Club Members,

It is that Five year rotation on Club Safety Class. This was made a mandatory requirement by the stockholders. 2023 is the year. There will only be three classes. Do not miss attending a class. Just one class must be attended to retain your membership. There will be no other classes. Those members that just joined the club in 2023 are current on their membership safety requirement and have already complied with this request.

Dates and times of these classes. Classes are not long, please feel free to ask questions and socialize with other members in attendance. This is a group activity, make it fun.

July 12th 2023 7 pm (Wednesday)

July 19th 2023 7 pm (Wednesday)

August 12th 2023 10am (Saturday)

Help us retain the safety standard of our club.

All the best, Shoot Straight and Don’t cast into the trees!

G.L. Herndon II

Club President

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