• Gene Sullivan

URGENT: From the Vice President FRGC

Hopefully, most of our members are aware of the newly elected Virginia's Legislatures' efforts to enact some of the most draconian and limiting firearm laws in the country. It is in all firearm owner's and shooting enthusiasts interest to do everything they can within legal means, to combat passage of these bills! Obviously, calling and emailing your elected State representatives and voicing your opposition to some of these new bills is the first step. Please be firm, but respectful when doing so! You can find out who they are and access their contact information, and even look at the proposed Bills by going to lis.virginia.gov .

There are two rallies scheduled in Richmond to lobby against these terrible bills. The first is sponsored by the NRA/ILA on January 13, 2020 More information can be found by visiting:


The next rally, and the one that will probably be the largest will be sponsored by VCDL on January 20, 2020. More information can be found by visiting: https://www.vcdl.org/ There are even buses that are available to attend this rally. Optics are important, and a very large showing in Richmond cannot but help dissuade some of these lawmakers that might be on the fence about voting for some of these measures!

I urge everyone to attend that is able to do so, and remember: we are trying to capture hearts and minds by acting civilly, dressing well(but appropriate for the weather), and not creating physical trouble for law enforcement! OPTICS COUNT! The media would surely love to capture any pro gun person or group creating any kind of disturbance or violence and paint us badly! Leave your long guns at home! There will be plenty of time for further measures if these bills are passed! Our aim is to prevent passage, and that won't work through intimidation!

I hope to see everyone in Richmond on the 13th and 20th of this month!

Gene Sullivan


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