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On Saturday the 20th of January, we will have our last Safety Course until we welcome our next batch of new members in several months. There will also be an opportunity for ID photos as well as any reconciliation and updating of phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. It will be held at the FRGC clubhouse. The class will begin smartly at 10am and the photos will begin at 9am. There will be sodas and water available.

Any member that has not attended and wishes to retain their club membership will still need to pay their club dues on time, but will lose access to the club facilities from 01 April, 2018 until a time that another course is conducted for new members. Any member that is not in compliance that wishes to retain membership will still be required to have their dues paid prior to the 31 March deadline.

If you have not yet attended this course, please, please, please make plans to attend!

Please contact Jeff Foster with any questions or concerns.

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