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Safety Classes & ID Card Photos

I am proud to announce on behalf of the Board of Directors and club leadership that for the upcoming membership year, Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club will be implementing a new ID Card system. It will be a computer generated ID that must be worn by members when on the property. It will feature color-coding to denote the membership level as well as the name and photo of the member prominently displayed on the front. The new ID Cards are part of our continued efforts to concentrate on the safety and security of the club and our members. In addition to the ID Cards, we are also implementing a 5-Year Safety Course. It is a requirement for all members in order to maintain access to the club property and ranges. The Safety Committee has prepared a short orientation presentation that the course will be made up of.

Initial dates for the safety class are Tuesday the 28th of November, Thursday the 7th of December, and Wednesday the 13th of December. All classes on these dates will begin at 7pm. Photos for the new ID Cards will be taken during these times beginning at 6:30pm. In addition, in order to better facilitate this process we will be listing dates that Jeff Foster (Club Secretary/Webmaster/Gate Director/ID Card Director) will be available at the clubhouse to take photos for the ID cards on the announcements portion of the club website. They will also be a mixture of weekdays and weekends and varying in the time of day to help make it easier for the membership.

For those that would prefer, you can also get a passport photo taken and mail it to us at FRGC, PO Box 418, Fredericksburg, VA 22404 no later than 01 January 2018. There are many venues for this such as most drug stores or even the UPS Store.

For those that would like a more streamlined option still, there are several online companies that can facilitate the photo for you, such as http://www.MyPassportPhotos.comwhere you can upload the photo from your computer or mobile device. If you do choose to supply us with a passport photo, please remember to include the full name of the member (to include Jr., Sr., Etc.) on a piece of paper inside the envelope you mail the photos in.

Again, this is absolutely mandatory and club credentials will not be mailed out for next year without a photo for the ID card and the safety course. Promoting range safety, etiquette, and proper equipment usage is our primary concern. We want for everyone to be able to enjoy their membership and usage of the club. Thanks in advance for the support.

Questions or comments regarding the policies may be directed to the club leadership. Any questions regarding the ID Cards or photos can be directed directly to Jeff Foster. Contact information for club leadership can be found on the Directors portion of our website.

E-mail correspondence is preferred.

G.L. Herndon

President, FRGC

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